Wissner Bosserhoff Movita Nursing Bed provides ergonomic comfort and safety for your loved one, while blending well into the home environment because of its home-like design. Like a hospital bed, it comes with long side guards to prevent falls while sleeping and can be reclined or adjusted to different heights to suit the user. Made in Germany, this high quality nursing bed has a lifetime of 15 - 20 years.


Wissner Bosserhoff Movita

$3150.00 (U.P. $3300)

SAVE $150

Free delivery and assembly

Features and specifications

  • Adjustable height: 36 - 80cm 
    (pre-settings available)

  • Dimensions: 208 x 106 cm

  • Weight capacity: 190 kg

  • Integrated bed extension: Comfortable body positioning 

  • 4 divided side guards: Fall prevention

  • Convertible modular patient surface:
    Bedsore prevention

  • Less body re-positioning needed: Time savings in nursing care 

  • Smart handset: Easy to reach and user-friendly

  • Popular choice in many nursing homes in Singapore



  • 36 months warranty

  • Covers manufacturing defects and parts

  • Excludes wear and tear parts

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Why We Love It:

"Unlike typical hospital beds, this Nursing Bed is designed to look warm and cozy to fit in with the home. Users feel more comfortable and at ease, helping to create an ideal environment for healing and recovery."

to order while stocks last!
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